Crop Rotation
A poem

The planting committee meets Saturday night
They open some home-brew to make things go right
All the vegetable families want to increase their yield, with the
Best location out in the field

Crop rotation

The onion family is the first one to speak
There’s a Spanish, a green, a red and a leek, we need
Water and heat for garlic and chives
If we get a good spot, nobody cries

Nitrogen fixation

The broccoli family is making its plug
Treat us well or there’s a danger of bugs, we’ll need
Plenty of cover in the early spring, ‘cause those
Cabbage pests can be a terrible thing

Dung incorporation

The grasses and grains are next on their feet, there’s
Barley and oats, millet and wheat
We need full sun, and we’ll reach for the sky, and make
Corn as high as an elephant’s eye


The tubers and roots want to get what they can
There’s a carrot and turnip, potato and yam, keep us
Covered in earth from our eyes to our feet
If our shoulders are green then we’re no good to eat

    Lots of irrigation

The legumes and beans are the last ones to sing
Romano and kidney, soy and string, we’re not
Magical beans, we can’t get up and dance
But all we are saying … (long pause) … is give peas a chance

“All we are saying, is give peas a chance”

- Jonas Barter © 2013-17