Experimental Music

A poem

We were eager for research to learn and to know
We trusted in science and couldn’t let go
Each moment . . . was a chance to explore
To test a new thesis, and learn a bit more
You were my subject and soon I was yours

Immersed in our thoughts, and drowned in ideas
Our purpose was vague, just like a degree is
Looking for someone, the partner, the mate
The now or the never, the friend or the date
Intimate moments we tried to create

The tools for the test made a fine apparatus
Our friends were all used to provide social status
We met lots of new people, wherever we went
We learned to be bold, and to be confident
Oh, life was a constant experiment

What was our method? What was our scheme?
Were we going too fast? Were we chasing a dream?
And how could we measure magnetic attraction?
Composing the score for this movie; live action
Was always the way to avoid a distraction

Observations were made and filled all our senses
Did pheromones work to reduce our defenses? 
You filled up my eyes, and my dreams and my fears
Your gestures and smiles, your laughter and tears
Producing great work, reviewed by our peers

Sweet conversation in earliest hours,
Sour but fragrant, like tropical flowers
Salty ideas, expressed before bed
Bitter reactions; just something I said?
Savoury characters, stuck up and snobby
Spicy exchanges; Sriracha! Wasabi!

In the spirit of science, we ended the test
We knew more than before, disregarded the rest
The research was sound and we made dissertations
The chemistry worked when we solved the equations
We drew our conclusions and quoted citations